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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes through email by Kelly:

      I had a look in your FAQ section and could not find an answer.
      I am starting at trying to make some dried flower resin jewellery.
      I have no experience with this what so over and was hoping you could help me out.
      I wish to make globe style jewellery and was wondering which is the best type of resin/method to do this and are all types of resins safe for jewellery (for example should a wear a mask while mixing and is it safe to wear on skin) Thank you

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Kelly,

      Here is a link to several posts on our blog that I did at the beginning of the year about using dried flowers in resin:

      To make a globe, I would recommend one of our sphere molds. You can find them here: You can see how to use the mold in this video on our you tube channel:

      As for the resin choice, I would recommend the Resin Obsession super clear resin. It is a jewelry quality, clear resin that mixes in a thin viscosity. This thinness makes it ideal for molds as it makes bubbles much less likely. As for the safety, at a minimum, I recommend gloves and sufficient ventilation. Here are some other blog posts that talk about safety as well: Once you have decided on a resin, read the SDS information for that product. There will be specific recommendations for safety, such as whether or not you need to use a respirator. Once the resin is properly cured, it is safe to come in contact with skin.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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