Resin painting techniques #78

Resin painting #78

Now that I have found a resin painting style that I like, I wanted to try it with a darker background.  Since I didn’t like painting #59, I used it as the base for this painting, covering it with black resin and the same colors from the original painting in case something showed through.

I mixed six ounces of MasterCast resin.  Four and a half ounces of resin was put into one cup and colored with Resin Obsession opaque black.   The remaining resin was split into four cups and colored with Resin Obsession opaque white, opaque orange, opaque teal, and pink latex paint.

I covered the entire surface of the tile with black resin, then added on drops of orange and teal.

Pink was next, then I swirled the stick through my resin.  I ended with white and swirled again.

resin painting black white teal pink orange resin


resin painting direct pour

I like how this one turned out and especially love that the old painting doesn’t show through.

resin painting detail

I really wish I was a better photographer.  To control the glare that was on the tile surface, I had to hold a piece of white posterboard between me and the tile.  Unfortunately, it makes the tile look much whiter than what it really is.

While I don’t see as much of the orange as I thought I would have, I was pleasantly surprised with some delicate lacing of the colors.

I think I might be on to something…. *wink*



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Diane Babcock

I think this one is my favorite. Something about the colors on the black background makes them pop but yet be mellow at the same time.


I love the many interesting ideas, the swirls and vibrant colors on the black background look very interesting. Thanks for sharing with us!


Actually, being a lover of vibrant colors and contrast, this has got to be my favorite painting you’ve done. I think the color combo is fabulous 🙂


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