Resin painting techniques #82

Resin painting techniques #82

Let me stipulate from the beginning this was not the painting I intended.  I was trying to channel a vibrant sunset with a few clouds.

I mixed six ounces of MasterCast resin.  I split it into 4 cups — three cups with two ounces of resin and one cup of one ounce of resin.  The one ounce cup was colored with Resin Obsession opaque white and 1/2 teaspoon of acetone.  The other cups were colored with Resin Obsession opaque red, opaque orange and opaque magenta.  The orange ended up being brighter than I wanted so I added in Resin Obsession opaque black which made it turn brown.   Ugh.  To save it as best as I could, I put in half a teaspoon of Krylon Metallic gold spray paint, which turned the resin bronze.

red pink bronze direct pour resin painting

I poured each color as a direct pour onto a 12 inch square ceramic white tile.

resin painting direct pour

I used my stirring utensil to bring the colors together and cover the entire tile.  Lastly, I poured white resin onto the tile as a direct pour.  I drew my stick through a couple of spots to see if I liked that as well.

The final straw for this painting was that my heat gun died right as I turned it on for this painting.  Drat.


resin painting direct pour white resin with cells

(Ignore the horizontal line going across the center of the center of the picture.  It’s the reflection of the paper I was using to keep glare off the surface.)

So I was happy to see that I got some cells in the white resin without needing my heat gun.  Overall though, the colors are weird at best.

cells in white resin

So maybe I would have liked this better with the orange resin.  Or maybe not.  Who knows.

Have you ever had a painting that went wrong that you loved later?


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ilene wight

I have had some major Oh no experiences with resin. I tried to do a sunset seascape yesterday and ended up with a big mess. the clouds looked like someone vomited rainbow cotton candy, the sun that was supposed to be the size of an orange grew to the size of a basketball.. On the plus side it was still circular. Resin is always an adventure!

Katherine Swift

Isn’t that disappointing! Are you going to paint over it or hope you grow to love it?

ilene wightt

I haven’t decided yet. I am toying with the idea of clear coating what I like and doing a dirty cup pour over the parts I don’t.

Ana Maria Toma

Hello! I was doing my first pouring resin on a coffee table, and after curing time found that the edges were peeling off( like a nail polish) and don’ t know how to fix it and never happen again. Can you help me with some tips, please?

Katherine Swift

It sounds like something on the table is acting like a mold release. Was the surface clean and free of residues before you poured the resin?


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