Resin painting 106

Since the last couple of paintings worked well for me by having something to focus on, I was all ears when someone asked me to do a portrait.  Okay, it was my mother joking that I should do one of her cat, but hey, I’m up for it.

Here’s a recent picture of her (the cat, not my mother) for reference.  Her name is Wilma and she loves Christmas decorations.


Mixing resin colors

I mixed seven ounces of resin, which is more than I usually do because I wanted to be sure I had enough white this time.  My white disappeared in painting 105 more than what I was expecting, and I was trying to avoid that again.  I poured off an ounce and mixed it with Resin Obsession opaque white pigment and one drop of dimethicone.  I mixed two separate orange colors with about 3/4 ounce each of resin.  Resin Obsession opaque orange was the base for both, with a little bit of red and purple.  I colored 1/2 ounce of resin with Krylon dusty pink spray paint.  As I found out when I tested it before, it doesn’t really come out pink so much as bronze. With the resin that was left (about 4 ounces), I mixed two shades of gray by using Resin Obsession opaque black and white.  With all of these, I felt confident I could create a white orange gray resin painting to match Wilma.

Pouring the resin

Since I didn’t like painting 80, it was the base for this week’s painting.  I used both grays to cover the painting surface.

gray resin

Next, I added the two colors of orange.

orange resin on gray resin

Then, I put on the white resin and used a heat gun to push the colors around the painting.

white orange gray resin painting

To finish up, I added the bronze metallic resin as an accent.


resin painting orange gray white bronze

Okay, so while not exactly my mother’s cat, as a painting, I like the colors coming together.  The new resin layers didn’t completely cover the painting underneath, but I kind of like seeing the pink coming through at the upper left.

There was a little pitting in this painting.  I’m not sure if that was from the dimethicone or simply because it seems to happen when I paint over old paintings.

orange white bronze resin painting detail

This is my favorite part of the painting.  I put a large dollop of bronze metallic resin on top of a large drop of white resin.  I was excited to find it sunk into the white and created some neat cells.

Wilma has not offered a comment on whether or not she likes her portrait.

Have you ever painted a resin portrait of someone or something?


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I kind of like it before the cells expanded. The first pic when you added the red. Can you stop At that point or will it expand on its own?


Katherine Swift

I don’t know. Good question! It seemed like the lighter orange laced on its own while the darker orange didn’t.


I actually did a portrait in colored resin. Can’t post a photo for you to see or I would.

Katherine Swift

I used the Resin Obsession color pigments with the exception of the bronze which was Krylon metallic spray paint.


Nothing that you decide to paint Would be a surprise to me are soooo good at all you do. I hope you have a wonderful 🐣 Easter. 🙏🏻


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