Resin pendant ideas DIY – 5 pendants to make with resin

Five pendant ideas to make with resin
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When looking for resin pendant ideas for a DIY jewelry project, you have to be ready to let your imagination go wild.  Let your traditional ideas about jewelry go and instead let yourself try putting together things you might not think to otherwise.

Here are five resin pendant ideas you can try for your next DIY crafting day.

ice resin iced enamels pendant

Resin pendant 1

Glue paper images and into a jewelry bezel blank with the ICE resin paper sealant.  Apply a layer of glue to the bottom of the pendant, then a layer of glue to each paper before placing them in the bezel.  Add enamel powders into the pendant to accent the border between the two papers.

pendant with baby image

Resin pendant 2

Cut out a vintage image and glue it to the bottom of the pendant.

Resin pendant 3

Use a hole punch to randomly punch circles in colored papers.  Apply glue to both sides of the dots before placing them in the pendants.  Then, apply a layer of glue over the entire punched dot surface.


glue and glitter pendant

Resin pendant 4

What’s a resin pendant ideas DIY project without a little glitter!  Use a vintage image as your base, then fill in the gap around the edge with Stampendous microglitter mixed with glue to fill in the gap.

glass glitter shards in a resin pendant

Resin pendant 5

Start this pendant with glass glitter for resin as your base.

preparing pendants for a second layer of resin

As the last step before applying resin to the resin pendant ideas DIY project, cut a piece of the printed tissue paper to fit over the pendant with the dots.

For the pendant with the microglitter, make sure you have sufficiently covered any gap between the paper and edge of the bezel.

Time to mix the resin!

The Resin Obsession crystal doming resin is perfect for giving a crystal-clear, raised finish to resin pendants.  If you have never mixed resin before, here’s a good article for you to review:  how to mix resin in five easy steps


adding glitter to resin pendants

Gently drip mixed resin into each bezel.  For resin project pendant five, add a design cut out of a plastic transparency sheet over the top of the glitter and resin.

Sprinkle Stampendous shaved ice over the top of the resin for resin pendant project two.

pouring a second layer of ICE resin into bezels

For resin pendant three, place the tissue paper on top of the resin without sealing it.  It will take up the moisture stain of the resin making the paper translucent.

After pouring the resin into pendant one, you can add a little bit more of the enamel powder. Some of it should stay on top of the resin.

Add a dome of resin to your other pendants too.


ICE resin pendants

Give them a night to cure and you have a group of beautiful resin pendants!

ICE resin pendant tutorial

This resin pendant ideas DIY photographed the best to show the depth you can achieve with using a resin like the crystal doming resin.  You can see there is powder at different layers.  It really gives the pendants more visual interest.

Which resin pendant is your favorite?

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