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I have never been so excited to make a set of resin jewelry.  Just when I thought I couldn’t love the Resin Obsession color pigments anymore, along comes something else to amp them up.

I started with Resin Obsession super clear resin, Stampendous shaved ice, and a teardrop-shaped mold.



pouring resin into a plastic mold

Next, I mixed the super clear resin and poured it into the mold cavities, filling them only halfway.

Not shown:  I prepped the mold with a light mist of Castin’ Craft mold release and conditioner and allowed it to dry for 30 minutes before pouring the resin.

adding glitter to resin

Then, I sprinkled some of the Shaved ice into each cavity.  I used my Stir Stix to carefully push some of the ice down into each resin pour.  Note:  Be careful when doing this.  Plastic molds can scratch easily.


mixing yellow resin

Once the first layer cured, I mixed another batch of super clear resin and added Resin Obsession transparent yellow pigment to color it.

adding powder to resin

This is when it got fun.  I added some of the new Resin Obsession pearl powder to the yellow transparent resin.

Technique note here:  You can add the powder to the resin in the cup, but at least for me, I find that I always have lumps of powder in the resin.  (For what it’s worth, I make lumpy gravy too.)  I find I do better when I put the powder and resin together on a sheet of wax or freezer paper and smash them all together.  Once I have them mixed and lump-free, I add this mixture back to my cup of mixed resin.  If you want to see a little more about how I do this, I have done a video on the Resin Obsession youtube channel:  How to mix powder pigments into resin.

pearl yellow resin

This was the delightfully beautiful pearlescent yellow color I got.

pouring resin into a mold

I poured the resin as the second layer in the mold.

pearl resin

Then, I mixed two more batches of resin, one with transparent orange pigment and one with transparent red pigment, along with more pearl powder, and added them to the mold.  I gave them another day to cure.

Not shown:  Once cured, flip the mold over, twist, and push from the back to pop out the resin castings.

edge on resin charm


Unfortunately, it’s part of the nature of resin in molds to have an edge that needs to be sanded down.  You have several different options, but I like to use wet/dry sandpaper while sanding the charm on a flat surface.  You can see what I’m talking about in this video:  How to sand and finish a resin bangle bracelet.


pearl resin charms


After seeing how beautiful these cabochons came out, I couldn’t wait to make them into wearable jewelry.


easy resin jewelry tutorial


Easy resin jewelry DIY idea #1

Drill the resin charms from side to side at the top.  String them on an invisible beading cord (shown by the arrows).  I love doing this with resin jewelry, especially here in Florida.  With the sun and warm temperatures, ladies like to wear open neckline tops and show off their tanned skin.  A necklace like this looks like it is floating around your neck.

resin jewelry DIY


Easy resin jewelry DIY idea #2

Add glue-on bails to the back of the charms.  (No equipment necessary!)  For the earrings, I used glue-on earring bails and for the pendant, I used a size medium glue-on leaf bail.  I finished the pendant on a rolo link necklace.  (This was the set I kept for myself.  wink*wink*)

DIY resin jewelry


Easy resin jewelry DIY idea #3

Drill from the top down into each of the resin charms and add screw eye bails.  Finish with a dot of glue in between the bail and the resin charm for complete security.  I finished this pendant with a ball chain necklace.

Which jewelry set is your favorite?

Ready for more resin jewelry project inspiration?

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6 thoughts on “Easy resin jewelry DIY – Easy way to make jewelry

  1. I like the way the pink came out, but I like pinks and greens. Have to try this with a green colored pigment.

  2. I need help. I’ve been using resin for over 5 years designing jewelry. I used to get my backing at Menards. But the supplier changed the glue on the backing and now when I mesh the photo, paperboard and backing together and add the resin, the backing comes off.
    Does anyone know where a good supplier is for the metallic silver backing for resin jewelry?
    I’m in need!


    Jill Gehr

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