Resin and crystal pendant

resin pendant tutorial

How to make a crystal bejeweled resin pendant

A couple of weeks ago, I showed how to make an art deco style bracelet using the new color blast resin colors.  I also had the idea to make some pendants, but perhaps a bit more on the bling-y side.

pouring resin into a square silicone mold

I made several square 1 inch charms using our 1 inch square silicone mold and the Resin Obsession color blast Spring 2014 limited edition colors.   (I won’t show all the details of mixing and pouring the resin here.  If you want to see how to work with the color blast resin, you can read the Art Deco Bracelet tutorial.)

measuring bur size

For this project, I will be using setting burs.  (I get mine from Contenti.)  These burs will create a seat for the crystals in the resin that will exactly match their form.

I’m using a 3.3 mm bur to match the crystals I have selected.

To make sure I drill straight and evenly, I will be using my flex shaft in its drill press attachment.  If you don’t have these tools, doing this project will be much harder.  If you only have a dremel tool, you can still use these burs.  There are also drill press stands for dremel tools if you decide you want to make that investment.

drill press and resin

I placed the square resin charm into the vise grips.  Since the grips can sometimes leave a mark, I placed it in some soft material first.  What is used here is the same ‘grip’ material you can use to line cabinets.

Note:  Before you start to drill, you will need to wear safety glasses and a particle mask.

drilling into resin

I drilled several holes into the top of the resin.  You will only want to go deep enough to seat the crystals.

washing resin

To clean away the resin dust, wash the pendant with warm water and a good soap.

e6000 resin

Use a toothpick to dot a small amount of E6000 into each of the drilled holes.

crystal kitana

Place the crystals into the holes filled with the E6000.  To make this easier, I used the Crystal Katana rhinestone pick up tool.

Not shown:  Using the E-6000, glue an Aanraku large leaf bail to the pendant.

crystal and resin pendant

After the E6000 has cured, use your fingernail to scrape away any residue.

Hang your new pendant on a necklace of your choice and wear proudly!


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