20 Resin Ideas To Sell (For ALL Skill Levels)

20 resin ideas to sell
So you’ve taken up epoxy resin as a hobby. And you’re loving it. So now you’re looking for ideas for resin projects you can sell to pay for your obsession.

*Because you love making crafts that you can use yourself.
*Or maybe because you love making handmade gifts.
*Or perhaps you’re looking at selling some of your epoxy crafts to recoup your investment.

Whatever your reason, you’ll love this list of resin ideas you can sell.


Skill level: easy

dandelion desk paperweight

This is the classic resin gift, especially when you personalize it. You can add pictures, concert tickets, or other personal items. You can even add a dandelion to make a paperweight.

Business card holder

Skill level: easy

DIY business card holder

The new graduate needs something to hold their new business cards. Find out what their passion is and add that to the clear resin. Then, they’ll think of you every time they sit at their desk and admire their business card holder.

Flower vase

Skill level: intermediate

clear epoxy resin flower vase

Preserve your favorite flowers in a vase for your future flowers. Of course, this project requires you to dry the flowers before you use them to craft with resin.  This adds to your project time, but the results are so worth it.

Trinket box

Skill level: intermediate

resin box made with clear epoxy

Who doesn’t need a little box to hold onto the items that easily get lost? Resin trinket boxes can do just that. Use them on a desk with paper clips or on a kitchen windowsill to hold rings. They’re the cutest way to keep track of small items.

Entryway tray

Skill level: intermediate

How to make a tray with resin

Speaking of corralling items, a trinket box might not be big enough. In that case, you can create a catch-all tray to catch more than small items. This can be the place for keys, phones, wallets, and more. Everyone will love having a spot to put down their pocket items as soon as they enter the door.


Skill level: easy to intermediate

betty buzz lemon lime on a resin coaster

No list of resin ideas to sell would be complete without coasters. You can make resin coasters in so many designs and shapes. Start with a coaster mold, then decorate. You might decide you want to make geode coasters. Or perhaps something more kitschy like bottle cap coasters. You can personalize these with pictures too.


Skill level: intermediate

resin tumbler with books

Did you know you can craft drink tumblers with resin? I wouldn’t kid you about something like that. Start with a metal tumbler, add a design, then coat with a resin for tumblers. You can add epoxy colors or make them one-of-a-kind by adding vinyl stickers. Your beverage will be so bougie.


Skill level: easy

epoxy resin letters

Did you know you can make resin letters without a mold? The trick is using wooden letter cutouts that you decorate with resin. Mix your epoxy, add resin colors, then pour onto the letters. Get abstract and crazy in this step. No two letters will look the same.

Place card holders

Skill level: easy

place card holder DIY project

Resin can be the star of your next dinner party. How? By making place card holders with resin. Your guests can even take them home to use and keep.

Charcuterie board

Skill level: advanced

DIY resin cheese board

The next time someone asks you over for tapas, you can let them know you’ve got the perfect charcuterie board for the occasion. Of course, you’ll need good resin skills to take this one on. But once you do, you’ll love making these. They’re also perfect housewarming gifts in case this is one of those resin ideas that you choose to gift instead of sell.


Skill level: advanced

finished resin bowl

Here’s a fun leftover resin project. But you’ve got to know a little about your resin first. Once you do, you can craft with resin to make a bowl.


Skill level: advanced

purple resin d20 di

Ask any gamer if they want a custom dice set, and I bet you’ll hear a resounding YES. Making resin dice is almost as much fun as the game itself.

Chess set

Skill level: advanced

resin chess piece set DIY

Imagine having chess pieces in custom colors and designs. You don’t have to wonder—You can do it with resin. And with this project, you can have a chess set in under an hour if you use a quick-curing resin.


Skill level: easy

resin domino group

Whether it’s everything vintage or stay-at-home time, dominos are having a moment. And you can make a custom set in themes, like this steampunk set.  Even if you’ve never made resin dominoes before.

Phone grips

Skill level: easy

resin phone grip DIY

Your phone is an extension of you. Why not give it a custom phone grip? That way, you can give your phone case the glam it deserves.

And this is a favorite of the resin ideas to sell because so many people have smartphones!


Skill level: easy

resin paw print keychain charms

I can’t guarantee this will keep you from losing your keys, but making your own resin keychain can’t hurt. Start with a mold that includes the keychain hardware, then craft something amazing with your resin.

Washi tape jewelry

Skill level: easy


washi tape earrings with resin

Colorful washi tape does the heavy lifting here. All you need is to add a clear doming resin to finish your earrings with a glossy sparkle.


Skill level: easy

cactus in resin planter

Tiny plants deserve love too. And one of the ways you show them love (besides watering) is with a custom planter. And if you’re like me and don’t do well with plants, they hold fake ones just as well.


Skill level: easy

skeleton bookmark with Frankenstein

Bring old school paper books up to speed with a fancy resin bookmark. These are fun to make with a holiday theme too.

Journal covers

Skill level: intermediate

resin mold wrap around

Old school pen and paper will love getting dressed up with a custom journal cover. This is a fun mixed media project that gives you a chance to craft with resin and turn it into a gift.

Want to get more resin ideas to sell?

Then you’ll love the book Ten Epoxy Crafts. It’s got more ideas for the intermediate to advanced resin artist to take your art to the next level.

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