10 Unique Crafts You Never Thought to Make with Resin

Unique resin craftsCrafting is fun.  If that wasn’t enough there is also evidence that crafting can boost your mood and improve self-confidence.  (Note to self — ask personal physician for a prescription to justify all the time I put into being a resin artist.)  But maybe making what everyone else is making isn’t your thing — nor should it be.  Let me introduce you to resin.  It’s an easy way to make unique crafts, either for yourself or gifts. Here are some easy resin crafts you can make this weekend.


resin paperweight

Resin paperweights are fun and easy to make. Plus, they make great gifts by adding personal mementos or other trinkets that mean something to the recipient. You can include ticket stubs, small charms, stickers, notes and more.  Here’s one of my favorite resin paperweight projects: Resin paperweight DIY


Drawer Pulls

resin charms made with gift cards

Cured resin is hard and durable, which makes it a great base for knob pulls.  Color it with resin colors to make it unique, then finish your crafts with knob hardware to install.  Here’s how I made these drawer pulls:  How to make resin charms


skeleton bookmark

Any old-school book lovers out there? A resin bookmark is just what you need to mark the pages in your favorite novel or cookbook. How about a holiday-themed one?  Here’s how to make a Halloween themed bookmark.

Gift tags

hole punched tags ready for resin - make tags with stamps, markers, gift wrap and Christmas cards

This unique project is the perfect blend of paper crafts and resin.   You can make holiday gift tags that you can reuse year after year.  Choose pretty holiday papers, coat with resin, then finish with a ribbon to attach to a gift. This holiday gift tag DIY will get you started.


Decorate a glass vase with colored epoxy resin to make it artsy and unique.   Choose your favorite colors, then apply to the vase surface.  You can make it truly special by including a child’s handprint.  Here’s how: Mother’s Day crafts


watercolor button made with resin

Why not use resin to make something wearable?  Use resin to make buttons for a coat or sweater. You can even make a resin button that serves as a scarf pin!


geode coasterWhat man cave doesn’t need a set of coasters?  You can use resin to make a set of coasters with his favorite bottle caps inside.

But, if you need something with more unique touch, use a geode coaster mold to make crafts that look like something from Mother Nature.  Here’s how:



resin bowls

If you love perfectly matched sets of everything, then you will want to skip this resin project.  This epoxy crafts project makes unique bowls every time. Color resin with several shades of pigment for epoxy, then randomly drop them into a mold.  They will make heavenly patterns.  Learn how to make resin bowls.

Decorative tray

resin tray DIY

How many times have you walked into your kitchen only to look for a landing place for all the random stuff like keys and loose change instead of cluttering up your countertops?  (I might have overshared there.)  If this sounds like you too, then you’ll love this project.  You can make a resin tray to capture all these items.  Start with a purchased tray and the rest only requires resin and your imagination.  Learn more:  resin tray DIY

Flower vase


clear epoxy resin flower vase

Why make a vase with resin when you can make one that shows off your flower drying skills?  You’ll have to flowers to enjoy for eternity, plus this makes a beautiful housewarming gift.  See how easy it is to preserve flowers in resin.

Want to make more unique crafts to make with resin?

Then you will want to buy a copy of Resin Jewelry Making.  It has several jewelry and craft projects you can make with resin even if you’re a beginner.  Buy the ebook now and get a download link to your email in minutes.

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