20 Epoxy Crafts You Can Make this Weekend

20 ideas of crafts to make with epoxy resinIf you are looking for something unique and fun to make, then epoxy crafts are for you!  Not only are they enjoyable to create, but they can be done so inexpensively and in an afternoon!  Don’t worry that you won’t be able to make these.  Each article has complete instructions and links to the resin supplies for each project.  You will see how easy it is to make resin holiday decorations, paperweights, table adornments and more crafts.  You will love the possibilities these DIY crafting projects bring you!  Many of these epoxy resin craft projects also make great gifts. You will have holiday and birthday gift ideas for everyone on your list!

1.  Spring mason jar centerpiece

mason jar crafts

Decorate Mason jars with resin to make a farmhouse style flower vase for your table.  It’s an easy way to decorate for Spring!

2.  Resin planter

How to make a resin planter

Who doesn’t have a room for a succulent on their desk?  It’s the perfect gift for a busy executive.

3.  Geode resin art coasters

geode resin art coasters

Create coasters for your coffee table that can be their own work of art!  They are almost too pretty to use.

4.  Finish a photograph with resin

How to Resin a Photo on Canvas - IG

How do you give a favorite photograph an extra shine?  Finish it with a layer of epoxy!

5.  Dress up a wooden tray with resin

resin tray DIY

Turn a premade wooden tray into a place to capture keys and other knick-knacks.

6.  Thanksgiving centerpiece

How to make a light up thanksgiving centerpiece


This Thanksgiving, make something that will be the talk of the table that doesn’t involve the menu.

7.  5 different journal covers

book cover DIY

Make five different journal covers with resin — all from one mold!


8.  Gift tags

How to make Christmas gift tags


Give your gifts some extra love with a handmade gift tag.  Resin makes it easy!

9.  Picture display window

Beach crafts

How do you display your vacation photos?  Create a theme with resin that highlights the trip.

10.  Resin magnets

ideas for resin

Take found items and make them the base for a resin magnet project.  It’s an easy way to make recycled art.

We’re halfway through this list of epoxy resin crafts.  Have you picked a favorite yet?

11.  Bamboo and resin trivet

DIY bamboo and resin trivet project

Combine wood and resin into a beautiful trivet for your dinner table.  Great hostess gift idea!

12.  Resin coasters

concrete and resin coaster tutorial


No man cave is complete without a set of resin coasters.  It’s the ultimate Father’s Day gift!

13.  Resin covered cakestand



cupcake stand DIYTake your store-bought cupcakes to the next level.  Display them on a cake plate you’ve fancied up with resin!

14.  DIY resin paperweights 

instagram resin paperweight tutorial

What do you get someone who has everything?  A resin paperweight is an easy DIY gift to make that you can personalize for the recipient.

15.  Graduation party decorations

four chocolate cupcakes candles decorated with resin multicolor glitter numbers that say "2018" Picture text says "Make your own graduation party decorations - resin obsession dot com"


Put the finishing touches on a big achievement with some resin crafts.  Also a great idea for New Year’s decorations!

16.  Resin bowls

Are these bowls more fun to make or give?  We can’t decide!

17. Diorama ornament

diorama ornaments DIY

Create a tiny world with resin!  Great idea for Christmas ornaments or suncatchers.

18.  Patriotic lantern

Turn a metal lantern into a table decoration with resin.  Completely customizable!

19.  Handprint vase

how to make a handprint resin art vase for mother's day

Capture a child’s handprint on a glass vase with resin.  Great Mother’s Day gift!

20.  Wall art

DIY Valentines Day Wall art

Make wall art to fit the holiday.  Easily craft these in a weekend.

And if you are wondering where you can get your supplies to make resin crafts, Resin Obsession has you covered!  Step by step instructions and links to products used are included with every article.

Which one of these epoxy resin crafts is your favorite?

Ready to dive into resin?  Then you will want to get your copy of Resin Fundamentals.  It’s the book that cuts through the noise and gives you the essential details you need to make epoxy crafts you can’t wait to show off!

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5 thoughts on “20 Epoxy Crafts You Can Make this Weekend

    1. I used to make puzzle clocks. I would find a jig saw puzzle I liked, put it together and epoxy over it. Before epoxy, put the clock hands and numbers etc on them of course. You can get clock kits at most craft stores such as Hobby Lobby

  1. Do you have any info on how to make something inexpensive for elementary school art class? I would be paying out of pocket. We have aprox 311 students.

    1. Hi Diane, I’m afraid resin isn’t suitable for elementary school students. Instead, a product like Judikins Diamond glaze will get you similar results. You can use it to fill bezel pendants instead of resin. You won’t get the same domed finish (it’s flatter), but it’s safer for young children who don’t have the presence of mind to exercise safety with resin.

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